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BEST OF... #2

2001-04-13<>6:46 p.m.

hurray! entry number 100. that means its time for the BEST OF... #2. for those of you who dont know, every 50 entries i put in a best of for people to catch up on what a loser ive been. the BEST OF... #1 is pretty hip, so i am doing another. however, i dont think this helps anyone in reading my diary. but thats okay, because i am all that matters. wee! so, this issues top 10 (or more) entries are:

2001-02-15 - it worked!
2001-02-21 - helpful advice
2001-02-22 - exactally
2001-02-26 - just a thought.
2001-03-22 - lonely
2001-03-27 - i started playing only in dreams and i cried
2001-04-01 - distressed
2001-04-04 - goth poem
2001-04-06 - gone
2001-04-08 - boys should like me
2001-04-08 - locked up

so yes, those are the 10 (or more) entries that i liked the best. you should look at all of them and remember how fun i was. or how stupid i was. or how psychotic i was. or how hungry i was. or how nice i was. or how happy i was. or how fat i was. or how ugly i was. or how delicious i was. or how pale i was. or how interesting i was.

... yes, interesting.