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BEST OF... #1


thats right, its entry number 50 for me, and we all know what that means! what? you dont? oh, well, i guess that makes sense because this is the first time i hit a number of entries that is a multiple of 50. so what does it mean? beats me, but below, you will find a listing of my favorite entries in my diary. a sort of "best of" list if you will.

2000-10-24 - skip the plastic surgery
2000-11-16 - they say...
2000-11-17 - no really, i am
2000-11-21 - i can be anything i want to be
2000-11-29 - a short story, by me.
2000-12-11 - its 11:11, make a sandwich
2001-01-15 - words--like violence--break the silence
2001-01-18 - how could we know how far youd go?
2001-01-24 - an open letter to all the boys
2001-01-28 - thats all im going to write on this subject

well, thats about it for this edition of "best of" ill see you next time, when this diary has 100 entries. good night and god bless, this is suzy gonzales, signing off.