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it worked!


i did it. i am so proud of myself. i did it.

when scott took me back to my car tuesday before my 4:00 class, i took a deep breath and said,

"hey, scott?"
"umm... iknowyoudontwantagirlfriendrightnow..." breathe, breathe "but would you wanna go to dinner with me tomorrow for valentines day?"
"yeah, sure"


so thats it, i asked scott to dinner. and so then, wednesday, after class at noon i walked to my car (keep in mind that i rarely see scott during school) and i saw him walking to my car too.

"suzy, i need my shoes back"
"awww, why?"
"cause i need them for weight training"
"what, and you cannot wear my slip on vans?"
"nah, i tried before, i need my converses"

so i gave him his shoes back. we ended up just sitting in my car (i in the front seat and he in the back) for an hour before his class. it was nice. but as all things do, it came to an end. he left for class, and i left for sams house.

fast forward to 6:00.

so i arrive at his house and knock on the door. he answers the door in an off-white button up shirt and a tie around his neck (untied).

"awww, youre wearing a tie"

so i went inside, played with the cat and the flashlight (cat likes beams of light... odd) and then scott came out of his room and gave me a little home-made valentine. i had nothing for him. i offered to give him my lip gloss, but he didnt want it. blah blah blah, we went to denny's for dinner (rock!) and then we drove around and talked.

i really like scott, i think he is such a great person. we talked about a lot of stuff, and it was really nice.

then we went back to his house, sat on the couch and made out. then we had sex.

i lied. we did none of that, we went back to his house, sat on the couch and talked some more.

i left for home around 10. i stopped by jennie chows house on the way home to pick up my winter formal pictures (i will scan one and post it in here sometime soon). i ended up not wanting to go home, so i slept at jennies house on the couch. then i woke up, went to school, and had sex with scott.

there i go lying again.

i think thats the end, but i had a good time last night. he payed for my dinner, which was really nice. nice boys are nice. i want one.