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2001-06-28<>11:00 a.m.

i woke up before nooon today. that is a good thing. i am going to chico with my mother today. we are going to go shopping, and shopping is a good thing. however, i fear she is going to attempt to give me the sex talk or some kind of other talk. i thought she was going to do that a couple weeks ago, but she probably chickened out. she need not worry, though. i am just not a sex kind of person. im a tease, remember?

woooo! shopping! maybe i will buy sheets for rebekah! and paint to decorate the sheets with! and i will get a couple of big bath towels to take to florida. and a lot of other cool stuff.... though that would make no sense seeing as how it would probably all be cheaper in florida (everythings cheaper there) and also, i would have to waste valuable packing space on it. so maybe i will just buy some fun stuff for me to have fun with (when i say "i will buy" i mean "my mother will buy for me").