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stupid car!

2001-06-27<>7:54 p.m.

bah. so my car has this problem with headlights. it is very difficult to get them on in the first place. i have to pull the knob, and then work around with it before they even come on. i can never tell if they come on unless i can actually see the lights reflecting off of something out of my windshield. so, even if i am lucky enough to get my headlights to turn on, i must be verrry wary when turning on my brights, which you do by snapping back some little lever thingy. because if my headlights are on, and i try to make them bright... the lights comepletely go out. sometimes. well, most of the time. or if i do happen to be so lucky as to get them to be bright, i must be extremely cautious as to when i try to turn off the highbeams. because, once again, sometimes (most of the time) the headlights just go completely out.

nevertheless... my headlights suck.

anyway, to the story part now... i left garretts house last night around 1:15, and i got my headlights to turn on rather quickly (it took less than 5 minutes, which is good). so i start to drive home. it is raining and such. hurray for rain! as i drive home, my headlights kind of flicker, but that is just normal (to my car). as i pass into the northern part of anderson... my headlights just suddenly go out. i put on my emergency flashers and pull over to the side of the freeway so i can try to get them to turn on again.

about 15 minutes later, i am feeling frightened because i cannot get them to turn on. so i call my house. justin answered, so i asked him to get my parents. but they were not waking up. so i told justin i would work on it some more, and if they still didnt turn on, i would call back. once again, about 10 minutes later, i called home again. justin FINALLY woke my parents up, and my dad came and got me.

we had to abandon my car by the side of the freeway because the damn headlights would not turn on. i was cold and tired, so i went home and went to sleep.

i got home at 3:30, as opposed to 2:00, when i should have gotten home.

i went right to sleep, and then i had to wake up at 7:00 am to go get my car. of course, when i get to my car, i turn on my headlights to see what would happen.... they turn on! blah. and the air in my rear right tire is low.

i should have accepted the offer garretts mom gave me. she suggested that i just stay over there instead of driving home at night in the rain. stupid me!