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shopping is great!

2001-06-28<>7:48 p.m.

i went shopping! i got some really cute things, i think. i got two really cute striped shirts with collars... and a hip trendy black sleeveless shirt with a rhinestone lightning bolt (yeah, im that cool), and also i got a yellow shirt. hurray for ross!

i went to a thrift shop and bought three pairs of pants. pants are good, i like pants.

annnnnnnnnd... i went to the shoe store! i love shoes! so i got two pairs. now, i am not the only person in the world who does not own a pair of converse... i got me some red hi top chuck taylors! hurray! and a pair of cheap black velvet mary jane thingys.

shopping is fun.

and also hurray for my mom not giving me any sex talk! i suppose she expects my sister to. thats cool with me.

okay, i am done being all materialistic and stuff. woo!