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2001-05-20<>8:32 p.m.

our bus left school late, but everything seemed to be going fine... until about an hour before we hit the grapevine (big mountian before you get into the valleys in southern california) when our bus blew a tire. there were two busses, and it happened to be ours that decided to be stupid. so we had to stop somewhere and get that fixed, delaying us a lot (i wanted to shower in my hotel room before we went to grad night at disneyland).

so after we got that fixed, we started trecking up the grapevine. the busses suck, so they were going slow as it is. eventually, our bus (the leading bus) pulled over to the side of the road. "whats going on?" everyone thought. then we started backing up on the shoulder of the freeway. we did this for over a mile! one time, while backing up, the driver hit the guardrail, and knocked part of the bus's bumper off. we backed up to the other bus, which was on the side of the road because it stalled and the incompetant driver could not restart it. yes yes, then our drive starts the other bus, and we continue on our way.

then we get to the hotel, i have about 15 minutes to change and get ready for disneyland and the house of blues. we go there, eat dinner, dance a lot, and then go to disneyland. jennie wanted me to hang out with her friends (jennie is my best friend. her friends are the epitome of why i dont go to highschool anymore). i started getting kind of annoyed with her friends, so during the last hour (we were at disneyland from 12 midnight to 6 am) i broke off the group and went on space mountian again and then i went on star tours. then we went back to the hotel and got about 2 hours of sleep, got up, and went to universal studios.

same thing happened there as did at disneyland. hung around with them, got annoyed, and left during the last couple hours.

then we went to medieval times. which was fun. we had the green knight, and he won. i was happy because he was good looking. our knight chose jennifer hall (girl i really dont like because shes mean) as the queen of love and beauty. she was not graceful at all. i am embarrassed that he chose her. but our knight was cute, he was kind of balding... but very attractive, i think.

umm... got about 5 hours of sleep that night, then woke up early and went to six flags magic mountian yesterday. that sucked ass. waited in line for 6 hours to ride on 3 rides. food was sparse and overpriced. the place was dirty and un-kept. i didnt like it, i dont think i will go back ever. then we rode the bus home, and.... thats it