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2001-05-17<>6:46 a.m.

i was up until 1:something last night. steven called. yes, this is the steven whom i have so reflectively hated. he called around 10:30 to apologize. sure, its about 8 months late, but i guess he couldnt handle the fact that i was completely ignoring him at school. anyway, the apology part only lasted about 10 minutes, then we started talking about how we hate stephen covey (and his 7 habits) and we talked about playing bass. he uses a pick, while i finger. its fun.

he sounded really nervous at first, and i think he might have started crying, because his voice was really shaky and i could hear him sniffling. either way, i think were pretty much cool now.

i still dont agree with him being boyfriends with jennie.

so i will always remember what a horrible time it was for me... that 8 months ago, but i think its finally over.

i still dont want to hang out with him and jennie.

thats still just gross.

ALSO! i will be gone on my senior trip for this weekend. i will be back sunday, but at 3AM, and i will probably be sleeping the rest of the day as i have an awards ceremony to go to that night, and then i start finals on monday. feel free to sign my guestbook, and i will try as hard as i can to go online (though i dont know how) and update this crazy online book.