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2001-05-20<>9:23 p.m.

today at 2 was the senior awards thing. after getting into town at about 4:30 am, and sleeping until noon, i was still tired, but i went anyway.

i watched several people get lots of scholarships, and i was very happy for most of them.

jennie seemed very upset that she only got a couple of awards and a couple thousand dollars. i can understand, though, that after years and years of hard work in school, she is not awarded with much material success. she did, however, get accepted to berkeley and la.

but yes, lots of people got lots of awards. but as i tend to make everything into competition... i won!!! i totally kicked ass. my scholarship was in the total amount of $62,000, while the "second runner up" got $54,000. he he... that will show everyone in highschool how cool i am, and what losers they are for being so stupid to me.