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2001-05-16<>5:32 p.m.

i had an entry in here earlier about my conversation with mike, but i deleted it for some reason. i also had another entry that i deleted. i didnt want those in here. this truly isnt a real diary, as long as i am holding back the information i am putting in here. i have no problem with people reading my diary, no problem at all, as long as i dont know them. but the minute someone in real life reads this thing, i must hold back and censor my entries. and that sucks.

anyway, about mike, we had a wonderful conversation. i find it cute that he was nervous to talk to me on AIM, as we had only sent a few emails to eachother regarding diaries. but nevertheless... we talked about "stuff" and he made me realize a lot of things. i dont know, but i dont feel like getting into specifics. but i am pretty sure that 10 years from now, when i go back and read through my diary, i will remember. which, really, is all that this diary is here for. (and also the fact that i dont have to tell a bunch of people the same story over and over again. wow, that sounds stupid!)

so yeah, in summary, mike is pretty hip.