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2001-04-01<>10:01 a.m.

so yes, i signed up for the gold membership.

not for the banner thing, though. cause i am not in agreement with the whole "advertising your diary" thing. i mean, if people want to read it, let them read it, but i dont believe in actually advertising it. so anyway, i signed up for the gold memebership here just for the stats tracker. this is what i have learned thus far:

at least one new person has come here and read ALL about me.
another person has read something like half about me
my diary comes up on a google search when someone searched for airfare to maine.

isnt that fun! man, this is great.

another reason i signed up for the gold membership is to ensure that i would use more of my diary priveleges. does that make sense? i bought three months of gold membership. this should run out at the beginning of july/end of june. i figure that i better make the best of this, so i will get my $10-worth. i guess that means i will be updating more.