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senior prom, last opportunity to get laid

2001-04-01<>10:31 a.m.

prom is coming up, yes. i will only go if i can find my ideal prom dress. and for this, i need your help. not too often i address the reader like this (okay, so i did just a few entries ago, but most of the time, its just that crazy "indefinate you" or whatever speaking). i will only go to prom if i can find my ideal prom dress. what is is then? well, i am glad you asked. any kind of really nice thrift-shop find that is red with little white polka-dots. that is what i have decided. however, i am unable to find one in the area in which i live. so here is where you come in. search in the thrift shops near you! if you come across a semi-attractive red dress with little white polka-dots. TELL ME! better yet. buy it for me. and for all you perverts out there, i will tell you my measurements even.

37 - 28 - 38 (how is that for an hourglass figure?)

so yes, search! look! find! buy! i want this dress and i will stop at no cost to find it!

what happens if i dont find it? simple.

i dont go to prom.