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2001-04-01<>9:49 a.m.

perhaps i shall update on my college news.

applied to:
UC Berkeley
University of Southern California
Florida State University
CSU Long Beach

now i will reveal what is up with each of them.

USC was my first choice for the past year, because thats where jon halperin suggested i go. even though its a private school and totally expensive, its got an awesome film school and whatever. so i applied there. i was sad when jennie chow got her acceptance letter (package) from them and i did not. but eventually... i did! just the fact that i got in made me pleased. but if that is not enough, i got a letter this week saying that if i choose to go there, i would recieve a presidential scholarship. that is half tuition at the University of Southern California. is that not amazing?

CSULB was my safe-guard. if i got in nowhere else, i would go there. i was accepted. gee, who would have known?

Florida State University offered me a full ride scholarship. i am a national hispanic recognition program scholar finalist, and when the college board sent me a little pamphlet of all the schools that would honor this award, several of them--including FSU--offered full tuition. i looked into florida state and i saw that they also have an awesome film program. so i applied there (i think i was pretty much getting in, since they offered me a full ride and whatnot).

I applied to UCLA and UC Berkeley for fun. i dont really want to go there, but i would just like to see if would be able to make it in. i havent gotten the "sorry, you suck" letter yet though.

so where am i going?

i have already accepted my scholarship to FSU, and i applied for housing there. oh yeah, i am in their honors program, too. thats neat. wee! i feel special. anyway, yes. FSU is where i will go. the good ol' 'noles. seminoles, that is. whatever. thats a lame mascot, but the school has a trapeze class! and a circus tent! woo!