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i feel bad.

so, yesterday and the day before, i had been debating on whether or not to go see crouching tiger, hiding dragon with a group of friends (including: scott, ryan, jennifer, sonny, katie). sam is gone for the weekend, so she wasnt there with ryan. sonny and katie are boyfriends, that leaves me and jennifer and scott being the lamely single ones. see, but the thing is, jennifer likes scott too. hurray for love triangles! if you talk to me at all, you would understand how insanely bad i feel about liking scott while she likes him too. but oh well. ryan told me to go, and after much decision making... i decided to go.

i went to ryans house after school (and after reading a couple chapters in my book in my car in the college parking lot). sonny and ryan were there. scott came over after a while. i was on the computer at ryans house, and jennifer was online, so i told her to come over, too. so then, we were all there, then we all went to the movie theatre.


i love air hockey. i really do. so we all decided to challange eachother at the game. earlier in the day, i tied ryan at 6-6, and then the time ran out. so i challanged ryan again, and it got to be 6-6 again.... but stupid me... i lost. when ryan scored the final point, making the score 6-7, i just collapsed on the floor. scott came over and did some crazy wrestling move on me. so i grabbed his foot. then we had sex.

wait... the sex part is false.

so la la la, we went into the theatre. i must say, though, that it was somewhat odd when it came to who sits where. you could tell that jennifer wanted to sit by scott, and i was totally okay with that. so it went like this: ryan, sonnny, katie, scott, jennifer, me.

go see crouching tiger, hidden dragon no!

after the movie, we get into the lobby, and suddenly, somebody hits me.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CD!!!" i yell to justin, the asshole who i was seeing over the summer, but then he got lame and rude and inconsiderate (read all about it). he still has my impossibles CD (second favorite album next to weezer's blue album). needless to say, i yelled at him a bit, and we kind of argued. but it wasnt, like, hatred or anything. we just yelled. so then he left, i apologized to my friend, and kind of explained the case to them. then scott had to go to work.

the rest of us played a few more games of air hockey. i kicked jennifer's ass. he he he.

"okay, the movies over, but i dont wanna go home. what do you wanna do?" said jennifer.
"i dont know, but i want to do something" i said in return.
"baskin robbins?" katie remarked
"or we could go visit scott at TCBY" said jennifer
"lets go to serendippity II and see who is playing tonight" ryan said, but sadly, he was vetoed.

to TCBY we went.

after bothering scott for a while, we went back to ryans house, sonny and katie had to leave after a while. so jennifer, ryan and i played video games. come 10:30, someone suggests we rent a movie. it was probably jennifer, because she also suggested that scott come over. he he, cute. so i drive us three to the video store, we rent mallrats because jennifer and ryan had never seen it. nobody wanted to actually do the act of calling scott, i called his work, nobody answered. i called his cell, got his voicemail. then ryan called his house, because i was driving, and finally got a hold of him. we ended up going to scotts for movie.

big couch!

jennifer followed me over there, because she had never been there before. we arrived at the same time (ryan was probably still warming up his car at his house) and went inside. we all moved the big couch in front of the tv, and jennifer sat on one side. then i sat next to her.

"ewww... i have to sit by you?" she said, playfully.
"fine, you dont want me to sit by you?" i returned
"ugh, you smell bad"
"oh yeah? well, i hate you" i said and sat on the other side of the couch.

so now it was scotts turn to sit down. who would he choose? sit by me? the lovely suzy? or sit by jennifer... jennifer.

woo woo! he sat by me!

so the couch layout went: me, scott, ryan, jennifer. i think she was kind of upset about that, but hey, she sat by scott at the movies. i felt really bad, though, once again, because she likes him, and so do i. and i know how it is to like someone, and then have your friend like him too. but at least i didnt make out with scott... like SOME PEOPLE. so yeah, we started the movie. scot kind of tried to snuggle closer to me. it was cute. i was cold, so i got a blanket (i always have a blanket, pretty much) and scott got under it also. i also had a glass of water, and sometime during the last half of the movie, i leaned forward to get it from the coffee table, and when i leaned back, his arm was behind my neck. yay!

"are you comfortable?" scott said, after a while, in a kind of soft voice"
i nodded.

then we finished the movie, and sat there, staring at the black TV screen for a couple minutes.

"man... i gotta piss" i said, then i got up and went to the bathroom.

when i came back, the TV screen was still black, and everyone was still sitting on the couch. so i went back, and sat on the couch a bit more... next to scott! yay!

i asked scott what time it was... it was a quarter to 1:00.

we sat more.

i asked scott what time it was... it was 12:56

"that means its almost 1:00. i have to go to red bluff"
"oh yeah, youre a red bluffian" scott replied to me.

so i got up, and got my jacket, got my bag, and walked to the front of the couch, thanked everyone for a lovely evening, and challanged them one more time to some air hockey. then i left.

i had a good time.

i just hope jennifer did, too.