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this, i shamelessly stole from a boy online. i know not his name, but his diary is found here. this is a completel the sentance test, so i did just that.

I would like to� sleep for a long, long time.

Tomorrow I will� forget.

My mother� makes me feel awkward

I wish that I� could stop wishing

I cannot� and most definately should not, but i will.

If only I� wasn't so hypocritical.

I worry about� michael.

Girls�, horrible creatures, myself included.

I am ashamed� that i dont love more.

I am afraid� for others.

I hope� that i can stop hoping.

My father�tries.

I like� being alone, sometimes; but too much loneliness is saddening.

I don't like� my previous response, its so hypocritical.

In school I� learn (and sometimes i think i am the only one).

I love� not enough.

Boys� dont like me, in that way.

It isn't nice to� hate. im sorry.

Mother should�stay away.

My teacher� should stop pretending.

There are times when� i need to shut down.

I hate� my brain.

It makes me sad to� know that people that i care about are not happy or well.

If I only knew� what was going on.

I would like most to� be there.

My home is� not right.