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my t-shirt says "flirt" on it


Freak Geek 1: you know what really sucks?

rockstarbadtz: what?

Freak Geek 1: the fact that there are thousands of teeny boppers out there (you know, the ones that wear the shirts that say "princess") that think they are rockstars.

Freak Geek 1: so real rockstars (like you and me) dont get as much credit.

Freak Geek 1: and that sucks

rockstarbadtz: ya know, i really agree!

Freak Geek 1: we dont even need shirts to tell us that we are rockstars

rockstarbadtz: like, I am a rockstar as well as yourself

Freak Geek 1: yes

Freak Geek 1: being a rockstar is like, going somewhere and having people who you dont know recognize you. being a rockstar is going somewhere and having the band hit on you (something jeanette is quite good at) being a rockstar is being totally super hip, like us

rockstarbadtz: oh why yes! that would be us... OOH, and you must just have a sparkling personality

rockstarbadtz: as we do

Freak Geek 1: most definately