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2002-05-23<>12:37 p.m.

i got home from work last night and desiree and i hung out for a bit, playing tetris and dr. mario. she called victor (boy she has a crush on!) and he said he would come over in a bit. so we played some more tetris and dr. mario until he arrived. however, when he did arrive, he told us there was some major tennis action happening at winthrope park (i think thats the name of it). of course, i was stoked. i dont think desiree was too excited about it, because A)i dont think she likes tennis that much, and B)i dont think she likes chillin with the tallahassee kids much. its not that she doesnt like them, its more that she would just rather be at home playing tetris.

anyway, i enjoyed my self immensley. after playing some pretty fucked up tennis, we played "team tennis." i dont even know if thats the correct name (correct name for a ficticious game?). anyway, its like volleyball, but played on a tennis court with a bonker ball. the ball can hit the ground once, and this has to be before anyone hits it. the team has infinate hits before getting it over the net, however, one player cannot bobble the ball by himself. so yes, that is team tennis.

my team won! this, of course, is after i switched teams. wooo... this bitch is in demand! (not really, i think i was told to go to the other side to take some of the suckiness out of the team i was on before).

i really did have a blast.

afterwards, i took desiree home, and then victor and i decided to join the other at the hot tubs. only... neither victor nor i really knew where to go. so we spent about 45 minutes driving around trying to find the damn place. eventually, we ran out of time and we met the rest of the kids at waffle house.

i, of course, am an asshole and didnt have any cash, so victor was nice enough to purchase me a waffle.

i met spike... he's a cool guy.

the end.