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no way! its totally classic.

2002-05-21<>8:08 a.m.

ugh... last night was probably one of the most perfect nights. work was cool, we are learning yet ANOTHER new program to sell, this time its verizon DSL. so it was training all day. i got off early to come home to find desiree and gates cooking dinner. curry! i am not a big fan of curry, but it was made with love, so i ate it anyway.

we had some wine. red wine with yellow curry. they do not complement at all. hell, i dont even like wine. oh, this was my first time drinking, by the way. if you can call it that, it was a teacup of merlot. alcohol tastes horrible. but i drank it anyway because gates went through the trouble of opening the wine bottle (which included somehow getting the cork stuck INSIDE the bottle). we ate, went outside and smoked and drank wine together. the three of us. a family. tee hee.

we are the best house in tallahassee.

after "smoking" a couple of cigarettes (cant inhale... just doesnt work for me), desiree and i each chugged what was left of our wine because neither of us like the taste of alcohol at all.

also, its been cold in tallahassee for the last couple of days. so imagine this... two hot girls and a hot guy sitting on the front porch, each with a cigarette and a glass of wine (by "glass" i mean "teacup" or "mug"). the girls each have an extremely cute coat and are both sitting on the porch swing. the guy sits on the railing of the deck, with one foot propped on a ladder on its side.


... no, classic.