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2002-05-21<>8:16 a.m.

and... also... in addition to that....

the three of us went to go watch fireflies, too! we get halfway there, and decide we want donuts, so we turn around and head to the krispy kreme. each of us get a donut, and then we continue on our way to our secret site. gates is totally asleep by the time we get there (its like a 5 minute drive). desiree and i watch for the fireflies, but see nothing. the only excuse i can come up with is that its too cold.

so we come back home.

"gates, wake up, honey, we're at grandma's"

home. even though its only 1:30, we are all extremely tired and somehow manage to pour ourselves into bed.

of course then while im trying to fall asleep, i hear desirees modem kick in.