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2002-05-09<>3:05 a.m.

so desiree and i were talking... actually, its was more like i was talking, and i was discussing what my "ideal guy" would be like. starting with the physical attributes, he would be the height, build and have the same hair as gates' friend brad, but his skin wouldnt be as tan as brads. annnnd... yeah... as for his personality... he would be basically me, but with a penis. of course, we would have our differences. i couldnt care less about what music he listened to, as long as he was really into it. and whatever movies he liked would be fine with me. as long as he wasnt into bullshitting answers, it would be cool. also, he would have to be someone i could learn from, someone who could teach me stuff without me feeling stupid.

yes. now, i know i will never find this boy, but if i were to write a screenplay and he were to play my boyfriend, thats what he would be like.