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can i use this chair?

2002-05-08<>12:17 p.m.

i had a dream last night that i went back to acting. i was rehearsing for a show... and then i suddenly remembered that i had another audition, so in my costume, i ran next door, and did the audition. while i was excellent when i was waiting for my turn, i did horribly at the actual audition. ha ha, i also remember thinking about doing the "can i use this chair?" monologue from the hit play "the audition." but then i decided not to because david cross did it already on mr. show. he's got the goods, you know.

yes, and that was my dream.

but yeah, i really do miss acting. i want to go get a book of monologues from barnes and noble so i can just screw around in my own time. perhaps i will do that today. probably not, but perhaps i will.