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2002-04-28<>1:17 p.m.

i woke up yesterday morning and went online. nothing out of the ordinary, correct? yeah, and then there was a knock on the door. "who the hell would be here at noon-thirty?" so i walked to the front door to answer it. i saw a tuft of hair over the window at the top of the door. "its not shawn, this person is tall. might be larry... but why the hell would larry be here?" hurray! it was gates!

hes moving in!!!!!

finally! desiree and i have the third roommate weve been waiting for! we helped him move in some of his shit yesterday. now... not only do we have a kickass roommate, but he also contributes to the the random room by the means of: a drum set, a keyboard and turntables. yes, gates is a drumming, keyboarding DJ. not to mention he has a PA system that we can make loud noises with.

i cant wait until gates moves in fully. then we will be a complete, happy house.