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2002-04-28<>1:20 p.m.

when gates was over yesterday, he invited us to go to the screening of all the FSU student films. desiree had to work, so i went. it was fun. there were some really good films, and some really horrible ones. i sat next to michael (random guy from new york who we went meteor showering with). gates showed up late and sat in the aisle because there were no more seats left. ha ha ha... stupid filmmakers have to sit on the stairs. anyway, yeah, there were some really good films, a lot of mediocre ones, and some really really terrible ones. i noticed that a lot of the terrible ones were done by the same three girls. i thought it was funny. the end.

gates' was pretty good. it was rather visually pleasing, not to mention it rocked the funk because it was based on just about everything ever done by depeche mode. who needs original dialogue when you have depeche mode lyrics?

it must be nice to be there, with hundreds of viewers and hear and see them applaud to something that you created. something that came out of your mind. something that you have accomplished.

i want to be able to produce something. not a film, but just something that people will applaud to. appreciate.