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big ben, 1000 pieces

2002-04-06<>1:05 p.m.

satan and random guy x were just hanging out one day, when a mysterious figure crept through the background.

"hitler!" shouted satan.
"whats up, satan? random guy x?" returned hitler.
"i havent seen you in so long! what have you been up to?" asked satan.
"oh, you know, the same old stuff. today was a wonderful day, filled with blood and carnage"
"sounds like my kind of day!" replied satan.

"dude, i think its totally awesome how everyone takes you so seriously. they dont realize that this whole holocaust thing is just because of a bet.... which makes it all the more funny!" laughed satan.
"yeah, i think-" random guy x tried to say, but was interrupted by hitler.
"ha ha ha ha! yeah, dude, i bet im gonna be sooooo famous for this. ill probably be bigger than you, satan" said hitler.
"no way man, im satan"
"you have a point, there" hitler replied. "but i bet i'll at least get into a few history books!"
"hey-" tried random guy x again, but was interrupted this time by satan.
"no bets! thats what got you into this the first time, remember!"

the threesome laughed.

"no, but seriously, i probably will get into a couple history books. here! you guys can even be in the picture, too. the three worst people... ever!"

"oh my devil! that would be sooooo great! 'the three worst people... ever. satan, hitler, and random guy x'" said satan.
"but i-" tried random guy x for a third time.
"totally! i killed a shitload of jews, you rule hell... ha ha ha... and we all know what random guy x did!!!"
"ah ha ha ha ha ha! oh man, we really are the worst" laughed satan.

random guy x had given up trying to speak at this point... he still has no clue what he did wrong. all he knew was the fact that he was satans best friend... even though he was seriously reconsidering. who wants friends that continually interrupt you?

"well, man, its pretty fucking late. i had better get home. im gonna paint with the blood of a hundred jews... that'll show them damn art teachers!" said hitler.
"ha ha, yeah! you show them!" satan replied. "but seriously, dude, its been wonderful hanging out with you. you have my number."
"and you have mine!" laughed hitler.

random guy x was starting to wonder why satan, his best friend, never even called him.

"i will see you later, hitler!" yelled satan.
"yeah, catch you on the flip side, satan! bye!" returned hitler.

hitler walked out the door. had had sort of a... bounce in his step. satan and random guy x continued to work on the jigsaw puzzle they had started before hitler showed up.

"satan?" asked random guy x
"yes, random guy x?" satan responded.
"i think we need to talk."