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tales of a california girl

2002-03-26<>11:49 p.m.

i told jerrod that i was kinda bummed about how we didnt really have any friends here. he gave me larry's screen name. so i talked to larry a bit online, then i told him i wanted to call him because i didnt really wish to talk on the internet any longer. so this and that, i called him, we talked about star trek and whatnot.

that was a couple days ago.

since them, i have called his house a couple of times, looking to talk to larry, so perhaps he could come over and hang out. (he lives less than a block away). when i have called his house, i just end up talking to his roommates.

"hi, who is this?"
"uhh... this is james. who is this?"
"this is suzy. i live over on high road"
"oh hey, thats right near here"
"so, youre larry's friend?"
"kinda... nto really. ive never met him. jerrod gave me his screen name so i would stop bothering him. ive only talked to larry for a couple minutes online and on the phone."

and so i ended up talking to james for a few minutes. and then i called back today.

"is larry there?"
"uhh... no hes not"
"SUCKER! ugh.. that kid is never around"
"who is this?"
"this is suzy. who is this?"
"this is sean"
"hi sean, my name is suzy, i live over on high road, not too far from you. i just moved here from california. whats up?"
"oh, not much really, i was just about to do some laundry"
"laundry, eh? you have facilities there?"
"asshole. we have to go to the laundromat"
"yeah, so what are you doing? can we come over and hang out"

i am shameless

"we? who is we?"
"oh! desiree and me. desiree is friend/roommate. she moved here from california with me."
"i see, i see. well, i was about to watch a wody allen flick. you guys are welcome to come over when i start that, which will be in about 20 minutes"
"okay, cool! yeah, that'd be good."

so within about 5 minutes, i met someone new and successfully invited myself over to a strangers house.

desiree and i walked over to the house, hung out a bit, watched some really lame, but fun, television. then we left, but not after inviting them over for dinner.


we successfully invited sean, james and gates (gates is soon to be roommate) over for dinner. i made some kick ass fried rice and desiree made some tempura vegitables. good dinner. good in deed. gates was sick, so i made him some jook. la la la....

things are really going great here. we are different from the other girls here. i have met one girl here that likes to dress up. all the girls here wear scarves wrapped around their short hair and cut-off cargo shorts. where are the dresses, man?

i can tell, things are gonna be great here...