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2002-03-28<>1:45 a.m.

i dont think i can strees how well things are going here. as soon as i get a job, i will be one happy mother fucker. i guess that the reason i write about how great i am is because, in about a year... or 3 months... or something... i will read old entries in my diary and remember how much of a great time i was having. like about a year ago. how much fun was had with scott and whatnot? wee! reading back makes me happy. and i am sure i will make myself happy at a later date because of whats happening now.

desiree and i watched rushmore today... only, we both fell asleep. i woke up to the phone ringing. hurray! salty ron! i was beginning to think that people here never called. yes yes, salty ron called. big mistake on his part, man. if suzy has a crush on you, never ever... never... ever... ever... nerver call her. anyway, we talked a bit, which was nice because... it was. so yeah.. then i watched desiree play warios woods.

i live vicariously through people who play video games. i cant play video games, or i get all nervous and tense. my hands sweat. so instead, i watch others instead. she played for about 2 hours, then we decided to go for donuts at the krispy kreme.

we hate krispy kreme. when we worked at the donut house, people would always come up and say "hey, y'all should get a krispy kreme 'round here. them donuts are sooooo good." argh... dont ever say something to that to someone who is working at a local donut shop.

okay, krispy kreme donuts are pretty good.

pretty damn good.

we got krispy kreme donuts, and i purchased one to take to saltys house. so we took it there. i hate him so much. stupid boy. anyway, i took the donut to him, he said something like "im gonna eat the shit out of this in just a second." desiree came in too and we talked for a minute, then i see alison walk out of chucks room. alison is great! she is pretty much our only girlfriend here in tallahassee. she is so great. anyway, it was nice to see her. ooh! she called today, too! salty ron AND alison called! hurray for them.

the front window is broken in saltys living room, apparently, he tossed the rubik's cube on the couch, it bounced off and hit the window. "bounce... ting!... cshhhhh" was, i think, salty ron's interpretation of the sounds that were made when the window was being broken. blah blah blah. we then left and came home. now desiree is still playing warios woods and i am typing this entry.

the end. tomorrow promises to be another fun-filled day. maybe i will get some sex out of it... but probably not (unless it comes from desiree).