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vacation: kennedy space center

2001-08-03<>8:43 a.m.

another of the places we went was to the kennedy space center. apparently, its the only place in the united states where people lift off the ground to go to space. we saw the shuttle land one night, and thats when we decided to go there.

once again, i shall restate the theme of my "vacation": waste of money.

not only is it like 30 bucks just to get into the visitors complex, its another 25 bucks to actually see something cool and go on a tour. there was a rocket lifting off in a couple days, and tickets just to view that were 35 bucks. we bought them anyway. (but had to scrap the tour, because we didnt feel like offering the government THAT much of our money.)

i think its even more hot and humid on the coast of florida, because at kennedy space center, everyone was terribly miserable and it was hot and humid. you could walk on board an old mock up of a space shuttle, but that would mean going outside where it is hot and humid. we watched movies in the IMAX theatres instead. one of them was in 3-D, which means you needed 3-D glasses to view it. we each picked up our glasses, and headed into the theatre.

of course, somehow, my sister got a faulty pair. so instead of watching the movie, she slept. i bet she had a fun time.

kennedy space center is boring. and im a space enthusiast.

we came back a couple days later to see the rocket launch. it was somewhat cloudy, but the launch had not been called off. we were herded onto a bus to go to the viewing gantry, and there we waited for about a half hour. finally, it happened!

they called off the launch.

and of course, NASA being a branch of the government, there were no refunds. so my father spent over 145 bucks for my family to see the launch... no wait, he payed over 145 bucks for a really fun bus ride (note the sarcasm).

i hate NASA.