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vacation: wrap up

2001-08-03<>8:51 a.m.

i think thats about it for florida. other than the few following statements:

after we left kennedy space center, the car was filled with the constant chant of "mom? why is poop brown?" coming from the inquiring minds in the back seat.

my sister was hit on by some hot guy in hot topic. even though he was hot, there is major minus points for working at hot topic.

i went shopping and got two pairs of old school reebok shoes. theyre totally hip. one pair black, one grey.

when gone for a long time, i find that i miss garrett an incredibly amounth. geeze, and this was only for 11 days, whats gonna happen when i move?

traveling lesson #349: never order vegan/vegitarian meals on plane flights.

traveling lesson #350: never play with the phone cord with your feet while youre on the phone. it will disconnect and then your calling card wont work again when you try to call garrett back.

i read three books while i was gone. hurray! thats a shitload of reading for me.

quote my dad (in an extremely solemn voice)- "the fireworks are on"

so yeah, thats about it for my "vacation." the end.