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my odd dream

2001-05-04<>3:56 p.m.

i had a strange dream last night.

for some reason, i was on a double date with justin, and jennie and steven. and we were at the movies. and justin kept begging me

"come on! just make out with me?"
"oh come on! pleeease? just make out with me"
"no, dude, im not gonna make out with you. ill kiss you, but i wont make out with you"
"fine then. hey, ive seen this movie before, lets go somewhere else"

so we leave jennie and steven at the movies, and we go to a resteraunt or something. umm.. i dont remember what happens after that, but then we are suddenly at justin's house, and we are laying on his bed, and we start to kiss, but dont. like, we kind of kiss eachothers cheeks, and move closer to our mouths, but then he stops and pulls away. and then something happens and we are back at the movie theatre, and the movie just got out and we meet jennie and steven outside of the theatre

and thats the end