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2001-04-03<>7:41 p.m.

i sit here with purple dye in my hair.

ah yes, it is only tuesday and i am already burnt out for the whole week. two midterms and a govt. test later, i am pooped and ready to sleep. but oh no, i have senior portraits tomorrow. blah.

i called the highschool today to see what day prom was, and it is :::gasp::: april 28, the same day as shasta high school. i really hope that i get around to asking scott before someone from his school does. speaking of which, now i turn to you again, you wonderful reader you. please sign the guestbook or email me with some kind of cute and witty way to ask scott to prom. something like:

"hey scott, i wrote a totally hip goth poem for you"
"oh really?"
"yeah, it goes like this:

the agony
i bleed
from my every pore
scott should go to prom with me!"

"wow, thats a neat poem" he would reply. and then we would make out.

see? thats what i am looking for, so please help me, my creative juices are running low, and i cannot stand to do the generic "will you be my date to prom" or evern the very suzy-esque "you should go to prom with me. yes" thing.

speaking of prom! (ha ha, i was speaking of it in the first paragraph) i have decided how i shall do my hair. it will be the same shoulder length cut, flipped out like normal, only, i will bleach and dye the tips red to match my dress. i believe it will turn out awesome. oh yeah! for those of you who were cool enough to look on ebay and whatnot for a red dress with white polka dots, youre super hip! unfortunately, none of those tickle my fancy, so i went ahead and bought a kickass pattern and fabric. the pattern is for this totally 50's dress. im doing the vintage thing this year. trust me, i will be wayyyy cooler than anyone at my fucking highschool. ha, now they will see what they are missing.

now i just need to get my dress made.