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cruel and insensitive pork

2001-04-02<>7:41 p.m.

so i have recently stopped eating pork and beef due to the hoof and mouth disease thing thats going on. also, i want to be cool.

however, as i sit typing at this very moment, there is a plate of sweet and sour pork sitting in front of me. i am eating the chicken chow mein, but the s&s pork looks totally delicious. i dont think im gonna cheat. no, its a willpower thing, and i will not give in.

secondly... i took my newly-won iZone camera to school today. i took a picture of scott while we sat in his car (we drove around a bit first, because his car died and ryan had to jump it. so we drove around to re-charge the battery). he put me on the back of his shasta college parking pass! woo! man, im lame. i took a picture of him... perhaps if there wasnt so much crap and CD's on my scanner, i would scan it and put it in here. maybe another day. i am still bitter about the whole tripod thing, so i am boycotting all images. i get really bitter about stupid things.

man, i cant get over this long-winded thing. ha ha ha ha... its great.

ive got two fucking midterms tomorrow and a government test. i have a midterm in my social problems class and in my television class. both will suck ass, however, i will get my term paper back in sociology. i went to ryans after school today to study for the test, it was actually fairly productive. we went through like 4.5 of the 5 chapters to review. hurray for us.

i hope i am not subconsciously trying to make this entry long. he he he... i probably am without knowing it, just so people will think my diary is boring and wont read it. hurray!