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2001-03-25<>08:50 a.m.

its sunday. i decided not to go to santa cruz on friday. instead i hung out with ryan and scott. then nichole came around, and we went to ryans house and ate a lot of food. mostly bread, cheese, chips and guacamole. it was fun. i choked on some water. weee! so yeah, that was friday.

its sunday. that means tonight i drive down to san francisco to see rbf. if they have their purple tour bus... DUDE! i TOTALLY saw them on friday morning coming down from oregon. i TOTALLY passed them on I-5. he he, as i passed them, i said "wooo!" it was funny. anyway, i go to san fran tonight. and then i come home tonight. and then i go to school tomorrow. and then i see rbf in chico tomorrow night. then i am dead on tuesday...

but tuesday is the super sale at harried music in redding. i shall go there after my night class if i have any money left from tonight and tomorrow night.

im already dead.