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the legend of the bass

2001-03-25<>08:47 a.m.

i am getting so totally rockin at this bass thing. okay, heres the story for those who dont know.

while in maine this winter, i bought a bass off of ebay for about 100 bucks. but when i got it, i never played it because i didnt know how. i tried to get some people to teach me, but they themselves didnt know much. so much for them. one day, about two weeks ago, i got home from school, looked up some things on the internet and started playing. so ive been playing w/o an amp for about a week or something, and its great! then, scott let me borrow his little amp. woo! sound! i dont know, this sounds stupid, but now i understand how ryan and scott can spend hours just playing on their guitars. its addicting! its something to do. its great!