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my name is suzanne gonzales, but most people call me suzy. i am seventeen years old and i live in red bluff, california. i am a senior in highschool but i take all my classes up at a local community college. i would really like to be pretty. i am going to my highschools winter formal dance in less than two weeks. i am excited because i have never been to a formal dance before.

i once held a boys hand at the rollerskating rink.

wyatt told me he liked me. gabe told me he loved me. i have never kissed a boy (or a girl, for that matter). i have not had a real relationship before. i think that would be nice. what is so wrong with me that i have not? oh well. also, i do not know where i stand on the maturity growth chart of life. hmmmm... i do not think i am where i am supposed to be, though.

this entry is turning out to be shit. i hate the fact that i am stupid.

i love michael and i worry about him. why cant he love me?