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:::whispering::: "i think shes trying to set us up"


sam(antha), ryan, scott and i went out last night. it was fun. well, we didnt really go out, we registered for school and bought books and... yeah. then we went to the black bear diner and had food. sam was being difficult because she was the only one who ordered some kind of meat. sam and ryan are going out. scott and i are not. but it was fun anyway. we went to ross and i bought a cute skirt for 5.49. i held the door open for everyone. that is the boy's job, though. i played _______ (that game where colored bubbles shoot out of the thing at the bottom of the screen and when there are 3 of one color touching eachother, they pop. there are little miniature dinosaurs, too. it is a neo-geo arcade game. i do not remember the title) with scott. i won. i think i only won because he is color blind (is that not cool!!!!) then we went back to sams house and watched the end of empire records.

so thats what happened last night. heres the other part of the story:

i have had a little crush on scott for quite some time. since last may, though. but the thing i never knew was that ryan and scott were keen on my crushings. apparently, ryan told sam that they knew i liked scott for a long while. then she told me. now i feel stupid. boy, do i feel stupid. i am not that obvious, am i? of course i am not. geeze... it is not supposed to get to me, but it is getting to me, i did not talk to scott much today. i talked to ryan, but that is different because i do not have a crush on him. also, i feel lame because if they knew i liked scott, and he never did anything about it, then that means that i am wasting my time. blah.

yes, this entry is very teeny-bopper-ish. so?

however, i did have a splendid time last night. i really did have fun. and according to ryan, scott did too. i believe sam and ryan had fun too. i think we are a good foursome. we seemed to have fun together. sam wants to have sex with me and scott, but not ryan. what a shame. anyway, i hope that we can hang out again and i can get over the embarassment of knowing that scott knows that i have liked him for a long time.

okay, i think thats the end.

also, if you know the name of the game scott and i played, please tell me, because i cannot remember.