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happy national november 26th day.

2002-11-26<>11:54 a.m.

i woke up this morning and decided that i wasnt going to be like this anymore. im not going to be like this anymore. i am not going to be sad anymore, and im not going to lash out at people. im going to try not to bottle things up, and i will take full advantage of my friends and talk to them, because thats what they are for. i will stop putting others so far ahead of me and i wont let people take advantage of me anymore. i still care about others, but its time i care about myself, too.

this feels like some kind of new years resolution or something, but its not, its just a promise to myself.

if something is wrong, i wont ignore it or try to look past it, i will bring it up for discussion. i will not attempt to sleep my problems off anymore.

im sorry to everyone who i have made feel the slightest bit of discomfort lately. i am trying to stop that and i hope that you all can still remain to be my friends.

jesus, the grammar in this is aweful.