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2002-11-24<>1:48 p.m.

i used to write down everything. you could rarely catch me without my little notebook (pocketsize). no, i wasnt at obsessive as harriet the spy, but i do have past notebooks to prove it. most of it was little notes to myself, a phone number here and there. a lot of what i wrote down ended up in here, years ago. ticket stubs from shows i went to (from reel big fish to black heart procession), wallet sized pictures from prom that the kids exchange, but i never did, pamphlets from kennedy space center.

i cant go to school anymore. i want to cry when im here. oor when i see anyone who reminds me of was a part of my life last year. - regarding shasta college, SP02.

ive got justin pogge's phone number in here since before i moved from florida back to california (sept-ish, 01). he was then known as Justin MOC.

i found the valentine scott made for me valentines day 01. a horrid little thing, really, with dexter (dexter's lab) and "the super duper hella-o-matic! (it makes you my valentine)" it was actually the only personalized valentine ive gotten from someone.

quotes from people in my classes. "is this gonna be on the test?"

where are the rest of my notebooks?

i stopped writing in them... a while ago. perhaps about 5 months ago. when i stopped updating this thing hourly, whenever that was.

where are my other old notebooks?

why dont i have one now?