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2002-10-23<>1:57 p.m.

to make it oh so cliche, things seem to be getting out of hand.

my plan was to wak up at 8, go home, shower, get ready and go to class at 10. mike decided he wasnt going to get up at 8, so i decided to sleep in, too. i could have gotten up at 9 and gone to class. or at least gone to my 11 o clock class. but no.

"what time do you need to get up?"
"umm... 11:30."

so mike set the alarm for 11:30.

what the fuck was i thinking? i have to be at work at 12:30, it takes 15-20 minutes to get to work. it takes about 10 minutes to get from mikes house to mine. ive got about a half hour to shower and get ready for work.

am i insane?

the thing is... its not that big of a deal because stuff like this has been happening quite a bit lately. i havent been going to class. i dont really care. i should, though. i just want to sleep all day. and even when ive slept all that i can, i lie in bed in a zombie-like state kind of conscious, but not really, and listen to whatever's playing on winamp. "maybe i should just drive back to california tomorrow. i should tell my parents what's going on. they should know." it seemed like a plausible idea.

i am not too sure whats going on.

i kind of worry about msyelf. but i guess i should just calm down and keep tredging through my days. i suppose. whatever, dude (she said to the cilantro). and my mind is always on other things, or completely blank. one of the two. one of the two extremes. nothing or everything.

salty ron, you still read this. how's it going? do me a favor and just punch me in the stomach. i wont take offense. hey, everyone else, do me a favor and just punch me in the stomach. who in tallahassee reads this? salty? mike? joe? laura, maybe? everyone, just hit me. hard.