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roommate angst

2002-09-06<>9:16 a.m.

alright, i grew up middle class. If we had lived in the suburbs, i would have been a part of a perfectly suburban house. however, somehow, my parents happened to teach me manners. they taught me to clean up after myself. i know enough common sense to not make a mess. to pick up my garbage. heaven forbid i leave a room making it look just a little better than when i came in.

so you, you kids, i am sure you grew up middle class too. middle-upper class, even. i mean, your parents are paying your tuition, right? and your rent? wow. why dont you do them a favor. show them that youve learned to clean up after yourself. show them that, OMFG!!!1 you can do your own dishes. "what? youve learned to be courteous, too? how wonderful." and you turn down the fucking television when it is 1:30 AM and someone is trying to sleep in the room next door.

shape up, buddy. you didnt have to put down security. youre not on the lease. you dont even exist in this house.