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Hey there.

2002-08-23<>12:18 p.m.

Long time, no info, eh? I see that I left off with Salty Ron hating me and being drunk. That was a couple months ago. Well, Salty still hates me, and I still get drunk every so often.

School starts in a couple days. I am getting a brand new Vespa. I had an insane crush on a boy. Joe moved in. Desiree moved out. And I am here.

I am so intensely excited about school starting. I want to get into a calculus class, but chances are, I won't be able to. So I suppose I will be taking Trigonometry again and Oceanography. Should be fun. I am keeping my job throughout school, so I will have income.

Desiree decided to return to California. I drove with her, on a whim, to Las Vegas and hung out with Ray for a couple days. Then I departed on a plane and returned to Tallahassee. Into Desiree's room moved Joe. I am so extremely thrilled to be living with Joe. He is a wonderfully fun person. We hang.

This insane crush. Shawn is his name. You may also know him as "Random Guy X" from the Hitler Diaries. He started out being one of my best friends in Tallahassee. I was just extremely stoked to have him as my friend, and we hung out a lot. He would come over every day, even if just for 10 minutes, to hang out. "I don't wanna go to class, I wanna hang with you guys."

I don't know what happened. He started drifting away. Wouldn't come over anymore. Whenever we did see him, it was awkward. Eventually, it was determined that he had a crush on me. So? I had a crush on him too, but I didn't make anything of it.

Things went downhill. It sucked. Rarely did I even see him.

We had a going away party for Desiree one night, he came. Things seemed to be going well. Almost like they were back to normal. Then he came over the next morning and we kissed. I suppose that was a mistake because things have been just aweful since then.

Maybe I am the stupid one.

So yeah, now all I do is yell at him, and he is mean to me and I am mean to him and its just not good at all. I will get over this crush sooner or later.

I am completely jumping around here, because now I will talk about my new scooter. It is a Vespa Piaggio and it is mint green. Now, I just need to find a way to get it home to Tallahassee. SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL!

I cannot wait for school to start. I will work and attend school. Perhaps I will even find a new boy to crush on. Probably not, but hopefully!

Might go to a party tonight. Might not. Definately going to a party tomorrow night. MANSION PARTY!

If I start writing in here regularly again, I will talk about the wonders of the Mansion Parties. Sooo wonderful.

Until then, if there is a then, I wish everyone a lovely day. I still hope that everyone is happy, because being bummed is lame. And remember, I care about you. If you need any assistance at all... I am here to help.