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2002-06-11<>5:48 p.m.

i want to write about this, but i dont even know where to begin.

i got drunk. i drank a LOT of liquor. i cried. "i am an emotional drunk!" and then i cried some more. i said embarassing things, acted like an idiot. "3.14159265358979323846..." and then got upset because i couldnt remember any more. i dont even know any more to pi.

"zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba. i know the alphabet backwards! im not drunk!"

"i am an intelligent drunk!" i say a lot of stupid things.

"i should call rebekah!" so i did. only, i have the wrong number saved in my cell phone... and i called rebekah, but it was the wrong number, and a different rebecca answered. i cried because i was so upset. i called ray and left him a message on his answering machine. desiree had to take my cell phone away from me. "i should call my sister! she would be soooo dissappointed in me!" "i should call shawn!"

shawn... oh jesus, thats a completely different story. "shawn hates me now because i am drunk! he doesnt like me anymore" i must have said that about a thousand times, while crying.

"salty! salty, you think less of me because i am drunk. you hate me. i am soooooo sorry" he got sick of me and wouldnt accept my apologies. "and dont try to apologize to me tomorrow, either"

speaking of which... "everyone is their true selves when they are drunk... except times 10" - salty.

i threw up. a lot. i drank a lot, so i threw up a lot.

gates is wonderful and slept on the other side of the couch. "gates, dont leave me here. wait until i fall asleep." desiree stayed up until 6 watching me, making sure i was okay. i love my roommates.

love... i think i gave a LOT of hugs last night, too.

alcohol for suzy is baaaaaad news! now, i am going to talk to everyone who i said i wanted to talk to last night, and i will tell them exactly what i was going to say last night, only sober, not drunk. because hey, i wanted to say it in the first place, right?

christ. no more drinking.