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2002-06-08<>9:30 p.m.

i have spent the entire day on the verge of consciousness. i woke up early, decided i didnt want to be awake, and went back to sleep. then finally i woke up, ate some food, went online for a bit. then desiree came home, and i layed in her bed with her for a while. after she fell asleep, i came into my room, made a special nap time playlist for winamp, and went to sleep on my bed. it wasnt really sleep, for just as soon as i would start dreaming, i would wake up and there would be a different song playing. this continued for about 4 hours.

i then woke up, went outside for a bit, read a book, and came back inside to find that desiree was awake. she was in the shower and she is now getting dressed. finally i will leave the house.

while on her bed, desiree and i talked about boys and whatnot. i hate crushes. they are lame.

let me continue with my day.