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electrcity... eeeeee-lec-tricity!

2002-06-05<>11:49 a.m.

for the last couple of days, electricians have been coming over to our house in the morning. they hang out for about 6 hours or so, and then leave. the house seems the same. i know the one this morning is working, though, because he is drilling a hole in the wall right now as i type.

these damned electricians have even made their way into my dreams! i had a dream that one of them wrote in here (diaryland diary) that the other electrician was sick and vomiting and that is why he isnt working on the electricity stuff in the house.

i also had another dream that the electrician was some black woman with a wicked weave, and she was crawling under the house with her long nails and stuff. she was cool, though. he he, i dont know, i thought it was funny.

so yeah... when will these dudes go away? and when will they be done? and what the hell are they doing?

i am such a trusting person, they could be murdering us in our sleep and stealing our computers and i wouldnt even know it because i only wake up to let them in the front door and then i go back to sleep.