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2002-06-01<>6:20 a.m.

after desiree left for work, i took a shower, got all dolled up, and then sat around on the computer. but i was hot while sitting around on the computer!

eventually, may called. may is great! i ditched talking to the everboring salty ron online to go over to may's. she and i then went to schotsky's and got sandwiches. the bread there is to die for. no, really, it is. we then went to see storytellers on campus. directed by the guy who did welcome to the dollhouse and happiness, music by belle and sebastian.

now, maybe im just an asshole, but i didnt think the movie was all that great. i mean, i would watch it again, but i wouldnt pay for it. and "music by belle and sebastian" means "two songs by belle and sebastian"

saw justin at the theatre. we sat with him, and after the movie, he was using his cell phone and just had a horrible pained look on his face. i guess he just looks that way when he uses his cell phone.

i came home after dropping may off at her place, called laura and forced her to come over here. so she did! laura, victor and i then went and drove around tallahassee aimlessly. i am really good at that... that is, until i get a fucking ticket.

thats right, ladies and gentlemen, suzy got another ticket. this time, for running a red light. no details, this time, but i blatantly ran a red light because i was too lazy to slow down. ticket. fines. traffic school. points. insurance rates. eek! good thing i have this new job to help me pay for this shit.

ticket. :::sigh:::

on the way back home, laura and victor spotted salty's car at mikes beer barn. we met up with salty, spike and larry there, talked for a bit, then met back up at my house to watch freaks and geeks.

we made plans...

big plans...

for a massive D&D game. all night long.

around 6:15, salty and victor left. the other kids left earlier, i dont know what time, though. let me say this: i love hugging laura. my hugs are the best when they are to her.

so yeah, that was my night. its time for me to sleep. i love tallahassee, i have fun here, it is a blast. rock on, tallahassee, rock on.