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2002-05-29<>4:10 a.m.

work was today. i am thinking about calling in "sick" tomorrow and then just saying that since thursday will be my last day, why not just make today (yesterday) my last day.


i went to the film school and watched gates' and marisa's films along with some other kids'. they were pretty good, technique was really neat, i dug it.

i went to larry's and hung out with larry and shawn for a bit. it is good to be hanging out with shawn again, i think. we started watching a kung fu movie, but then desirees clothes were done drying and so we left.

desiree and i went to denny's and ate salads because salads seemed good at the time. we drove up to the top of the fsu parking garage and sat there for a bit.

now we are home listening to art bell.

i wish i had a big bed so desiree and victor and i could lay down and listen to art bell online... and whoever else would want to listen.

what else happened since last time i wrote? oh yeah. garrett (ex boyfriend) lost his virginity.