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2002-05-27<>2:16 p.m.


lets go check out spooky places! we drove by sunny land and fallschase. these are probably two of the creepiest places ive ever been to. fallschase wasnt too bad, really. it is this neighborhood that was never really finished. just roads. nobody lives there, but the sign is always lit up for some reason. the booth at the entrance, which is completely empty, is also sometimes lit up. just road, trees and grass. there are like two houses at the beginning, both had their lights on. but upon further investigation, someone was living at one of them. what the hell?


sunny land. even the name is creepy. sunny land was a mental institution for children. jesus christ, why name place sunny land! its fucking freaky! anyway, this building is the epitome of creey buildings. its huge, abandoned, and there are vines all up and down the walls. i will take pictures at some point in time (when gates doesnt fucking throw the batteries in my camera away for no reason). we drove by, larry and victor wanted to get out of the car to explore, but i wouldnt let them. desiree and i were what you would call "pussy fucks." (someone please stop the vulgarity). sunny land. its creepy.


when we got back from the two afformention locations, larry went home, but desiree, victor and i still wanted to see scary places. we drove by an abandoned motel on apalachee, which was just abandoned, not too creepy (im sure it would have been, though, had we gotten out of the car), and then a lynching tree. this huge tree that is in some persons front yard. apparently, over 30 people were hanged there or something. its just a huge creepy tree. oh, we also drove by one of victor and larry's old friend's house. i guess their attic was haunted, they could never go up there. when they tried to, they would get really cold and their feet would fall asleep as they walked up there. we drove by, and what do we see? a red light shining out of the attic. sure, someone may really like red lights and perhaps they are just hanging out there, but we would prefer to believe it was haunted.


i watched beetle juice yesterday. why dont they just fucking call it "betelguese?"


"To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad." - jack handy (deep thoughts)


i took a walk last night with someone. there was absolutely no sex involved. but i got some lemon flavored water at the gas station.