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sun of a beach

2002-05-25<>5:07 a.m.

as i said, i ditched work and went to the beach with desiree today. the water in florida is soooo warm! its awesome! we went to... somethingbella beach or something, it was nice, there werent many people there. i actually swam in the ocean (by "swam" i mean "doggy paddled"). then we made sand castle-things. well, more like sand sculptures. i made a really really cute sand dragon, and desiree made a.... pyramid. she was going to build a castle, but she was dissappointed when she found that her mote wouldnt hold water.

i had fun. the beach is nice and i didnt even get tan! wooooo!!!!

when we got back from the beach, we both showered and then went to shawns. we didnt even get to hang out with him as much as i would have liked. i miss that boy.