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2002-05-23<>2:09 p.m.

frank and maevan are splitting up.

he is almost 93 and hse is in her 80's. they are definately the most wonderful landlords in the world. i love them both very much.

i looked out the front door and i saw her car parked in her car port. their house is next door, but they live in a fancy retirement home across town. i went to see them all happy. maevan was in the house, i assumed she was just checking up on things, as usual. so i went and said hello to frank. hes a great guy. he stays in the car because he is old and has one leg amputated due to diabetes. i talked to him for a minute, he seemed happy like usual...

but then maevan came out. she was putting something in the back of her car. i asked her how she was doing.

"suzy, i am utterly disgusted"

i followed her back into the house. she told me why. frank, who lives in assisted living at westminister oaks, wants to move back home. next door. he wants maevan to move back to take care of him. she is old as well and couldnt possibly take care of him by herself. so apparently, he told her that he was going to change the locks, to keep her out.

he will hire a live-in nurse and live next door. maevan has talked to both of her sons about this, and they agree that frank is makeing a rediculous decision.

it just tears me up inside to know that maevan is feeling so bad, and frank is being so stubborn. i have to write two seperate checks for rent next month. one for her and one for him.

i hope this is just a phase and next week everything will be back to normal.