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2002-05-22<>3:32 a.m.

bah... so, like i said earlier, i felt like being active and doing something active tonight. so i called everyone. i called salty. no answer. i called laura. no answer. i called shawn. no answer. i called may, she was busy, but i talked to her for a bit. may is cute.

i cannot get a hold of anyone, so i give up and i start to nap on the couch.

:::ring!::: the phone rings. salty says that there is a possibility of some kids getting together and playing tennis. hearing this, i get super excited because i love tennis and i have not played in like a year and that just sounded like a terriffic thing to play.

of course, then, later on, after i have my socks on, i get another call saying the tennis thing wont be happening. i am truely dissappointed. luckily, though, desiree and victor get home from the movie, so they say they would go play tennis with me! hurray! fuck you salty and you other tallahassee kids who dont want to play tennis! i dont need you! i have desiree and victor!

i miss playing tennis much. i want to play more often. i could honestly see myself going and playing every night, that is, if i could find someone to go play with me.

so, needless to say, i kicked victor's ass at tennis, and desiree doesnt even compare with me. however, give me someone who has actually played before, and i can assure you that i would have my rear beat down.