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2002-05-22<>7:04 a.m.

okay... one more entry... to continue from earlier tonight...

after tennis, we came back here, hung out for a while. desiree, victor and i watched some random shit on the internet, then the three of us and gates decided to make a donut run to krispy kreme. after scrounging up enough money to purchase a dozen, i popped in pinkerton and we headed to the krispy kreme.

what? its 4:30 in the a.m., wednesday morn... bags and bags of donuts, just sitting on the curb? okay!

i popped my trunk, gates grabbed a garbage bag full of donuts, and we sped off... as if they didnt want us to steal their garbage.

so yeah, we decided "its donut/mr. show party time!" called up some friends and invited them over to eat donuts and watch mr. show. jerrodlp: no response. laura: donuts arent vegan. salty ron: im on my way.

the total count of kids in my living room was 5. me, desiree, gates, victor and salty. we watched mr. show, ate some donuts (a large garbage bag full of donuts will last us a while, i decided), and watched more mr. show.

it was fun. it is also now 7:12. i should go to sleep. but hey! i dont have to work until 5!